Custom Solution Centers

Why share page space?

Why constrict your message?

Why not reach your target market?

It’s important for your organization to stand out amongst competitors and relay your message efficiently and effectively. Custom Solution Centers by CDM Media create the platform to communicate what’s important to your company; be it via executive contributions, whitepapers, multimedia, or any current news you wish to share with a targeted audience. The Custom Solution Centers provide a portal to showcase your brand and transport your message through our existing high-traffic sites that reach an audience of senior IT executives.

What next?

Through e-newsletters, digital e-zines and online lead generation tools that all send traffic to your solution center, these microsites could become the key solution for your marketing needs.

Within a Custom Solution Center, we’re able to provide unique resources to our clients that will gain the most traffic for their promoted assets. Our interactive multimedia options include Customized Webinars, Podcast Sessions, Videos and Executive Panel Discussions. We give you opportunities to highlight an executive contributor, spotlight your latest reports and feature whitepapers through a medium that promotes your company brand. Our team then links your content with related messaging that is sure to target the audience you’re looking to attract.

The goal of Custom Solution Centers is to provide an online venue and resource center to make sure your message reaches your intended audience.

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