Custom Roadshows
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Make an impression that lasts by hand-delivering your product to the audience that matters.

CDM Media’s Custom Roadshows are completely designed around your products and services by utilizing the power of face-to-face meetings. Our team of technology marketers will design and facilitate direct, exclusive opportunities for one-on-one time with CIOs/SVPs in Tier 1 organizations in cities across the US. You define the vertical, theme and location; we promote the topics, agenda and value to end-users. Custom Roadshows are completely turnkey, hosted exclusively for one client and are designed to build lasting relationships you wouldn’t typically develop within the office.

Custom Roadshows are designed to build enthusiasm about your products, answer questions from peers and potential partners and facilitate the presentation of information sharing that will lead to direct results in strategic product sales. Custom Roadshows will strategically showcase your services and products to senior IT executives in order to solidify your organization’s position as a leader among the industry giants.

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