Level 3 We mean business. A lot of business.

For those of you that skipped over levels 1 and 2 as if they were the apples in your Halloween candy, this is what you’ve been looking for. 

While levels 1 and 2 offer a variety of choices to guarantee marketing success for your organization, level 3 packs a punch unmatched by all other lead generating activities combined.  The true definition of custom results-oriented marketing, level 3 virtually offers unlimited options with respect to the channels available to market your message.  With the complete power of CustomROM behind your organization across channels, backed by a lead guarantee, failure is a thing of the past, and success is defined by you.

Level 3 initiatives include all the power of Levels 1 and 2, plus:

  • Custom Virtual Tradeshows - Imagine all the benefits of attending an actual tradeshow, without the logistical nightmares. We’ll run your own tradeshow completely online to get the maximum number of quality leads in your target market.

  • Face-to-Face CIO Meetings - You define the types of individuals you’d like to speak with and we facilitate the connections, bringing your message in front of Fortune 1000 end-user decision-makers for the ultimate opportunity to create a working business relationship with quality customers.

  • Custom Solution Centers - A co-branded microsite embedded within one of our already high-traffic websites.

  • Custom Publishing - Your own custom editorial publication, designed to promote the products and services you want to put at the forefront of your business.

  • Custom Roadshows – Take your product on tour with our custom shows completely designed around your products and services, that simply take showcasing services to a new level.

  • Lead Generation Programs - Customized initiatives to capture a guaranteed number of quality leads in your target market. You define the type of leads you’re after and we’ll design the method of marketing to best achieve your goals.

So if you’re thinking “complete world domination” for your marketing efforts, CustomROM.com Level 3 is the secret (for your market at least) to your success as an organization!

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